Wednesday, November 25, 2015


First of all. A very quick explanation for my silence over the last several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Stafford bought a house! And the "minor" renovations are not complete. Blame the architect - go ahead! I can take it. I will post more on our experience of creating our special place. I just wanted all of my rabid fans to not give up on me. I have not quit. As a matter of fact, I am back with a mission...

To prepare for the upcoming spectacular, fantastical, more music than you ever thought you would ever need extravaganza. - That's right music lovers of every stripe , in a scant six days for the sixth year in a row you are invited to enjoy THE TOP TWENTY FIVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC COUNTDOWN OF 2015.

And that's what I mean when I say I can't help it. Today, while completing yet another task for our sweet little renovation (returning something that would not fit), I reached in the back seat and opened our CD case and there it was. My daughter's very own Mariah Carey Christmas.

I popped it in and had trouble staying on the road as the opening tune came up and I cranked it to ear bleed volume. The majesty and power in that voice singing that really old standard just came over me like a flood. And, I began immediately to thank my God for the things I take for granted every day. I look around me, I read the paper, I watch the news and I am NOT fearful because of God's presence in this woefully inadequate life.

Then I look further and realize what He has wrought - My  wife and best friend whom I fell in love with before she even knew me, my two gorgeous and smart kids, my family and my friends - boy are they a patient bunch.

So, I am sorry- I know it's not Christmas time yet but today you are getting a teaser, if you will, featuring  one of the newest groups on the scene today - PENTATONIX singing White Winter Hymnal. I hope this ditty will get you in the mood for the avalanche of hits, new and old for this year's top 25.

It is my absolute fervent hope that you will be with the ones you love the most today and when you partake of the bounty - stop, take a moment and realize that you are blessed beyond compare in your world.