Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.  - Voltaire 

Or to put it another way - A man AND his woman gotta eat (sorry for the un pc reference - it just sounds better)! The point here is that food and travel are inseparable. Great food is the tie that binds. Who among us doesn't have memories of great food and great times with friends or family? For some, it's a weekly Sunday dinner around a table filled with food, family and laughter. For others, it's that unforgettable experience that just seemed to bring together that perfect combination of food, time and place with someone you love. How many marriage proposals have been made at that corner table in that special place? Most of our fondest memories revolve around a great meal with people we care about in places that were special. Eating, like sleeping, is not something to be taken lightly by a true Nomad. We need sustenance just like we need air to breathe. I have managed to list a few places that we have enjoyed in various parts of the world. It is by no means exhaustive, as my memory is not what it used to be. 

A great restaurant, bistro or coffee shop makes travel complete. So take a look at some of the places listed. Just click to check on the links to check them out. I have also added  some comments to wet your appetite.

For more links to great food, just check out the side bar for Places To Eat Before You Die.

The Sunday brunch is simply unfirgettable. Plus all the Mimosas you can drink.
The best Mexican / Southwest in Florida. Served with great Sangria and style.
Take that special one to this very hip little eatery with five star food & service.
Simply the best steak south of Chicago and east of Kansas city.
 Amazing Tex Mex and then some. Get there early to avoid the lines.
Not even close. This place has THE best barbecue on the planet - PERIOD!!!
A standout in a city known for great food. The buttermilk soaked Calamari is a must.
All steaks come from the offspring of one Angus Steer - dry aged in a salt lined vault.
Think southern soul food meets Italian. Creative & delicious in an amazing art space.
Outside under the stars in the hippest city on the land of the Pueblos.
Elegant fusion food in the heart of the Theatre District.
Great fish place plus wine store. The lobster mac & cheese will knock your socks off!
Order Lobster Tacos, even if they're not on the menu - you can thank me later.
In Marfa-the coolest little art town in Texas. Great Italian and great atmosphere.
In downtown "Little Hollywood". Funky restaurant with great food.
Great Italian in the Green City. The Original Starbucks is just a few blocks away.
Quality Meats NYC - New York - New York
Quite simply, the best steak I have ever had - ever!

Seven courses. Seven cheeses. Seven wines. How do the French stay so thin!!!
The courtyard. The lemon trees. The Mediterranean. Did I mention the fabulous food?
The ultimate Paris cafe' with a great vibe to go with the great food.

At the top of a small  hill town. A trattoria with real food for real Nomads.
The ancient castle. The prosciutto. The signature wine. Make sure you try the rabbit.
Italian food on Lake Como. A romantic place to end the day with you and yours.

United Kingdom
Insane baked goods and the best cup of coffee on planet earth.
Old world elegance combined with a new twist on English cuisine.
A little cafe in a small village on a big lake. The best food in the UK, period.
Incredible Italian food in a market town in the heart of Yorkshire. Amazing!!
In the shadow of York Minster. Funky music and cool food for the weary traveler.
Great sandwiches and lunch fare under a glass roofed courtyard in Edinburgh Castle.
Incredible space. Creative twists on traditional Brit food. The breakfast is to die for.

Real Road Food - It's Bad But Oh So Good!!!
This is an institution in St. Pete. Voted the best hamburger in Tampa Bay every year.
Judges & plumbers alike get the Chicken Fillet Sandwich - Artery reducing heaven!!
Get there early. Pancakes, sausage, the works - Southern food for the hungry Nomad.
Not even close. This place has THE best barbecue on the planet - PERIOD!!!