Robert Frost summed up the essence of travel thusly:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

And exactly where a nomad, vagabond or weary vacationista sleeps at the end of the miles you gotta go to get where you wanna go is of paramount importance. This blog is dedicated to the proposition that just a clean bed and warm shower will not do. If you believe design makes a difference - and, if you are reading this you have already acknowledged that - then, the search for places of distinction and architectural uniqueness is high on your list of travel demands. 

From the amber waves in the good ole USA to the magical hills of Tuscany, the birthplace of living life to the fullest, finding that special hotel, seaside cabin or re-purposed country estate can be daunting and fun at the same time. For assistance in that effort, check out the side bar - Places To Sleep Before You Die. I/we have stayed in every place on the list and each place meets or exceeds the very high standards by which any aesthetic vagabond would judge a place to R & R. Just click the links to plan your next adventure.

United States

From sea to shining sea. Americans love big. Big country, big business, big cars, big hotels, big highways, big everything. This American fascination with everything big leads to the question - Can one find the kinds of small, intimate places for sleeping and eating that adventurous Nomads need to fulfill their travel dreams? The answer is a resounding YES!! Ironically, the size of this mammoth country is the very reason it is so diverse. From the urban enclaves of The Big Apple, to the zen vibe of Central California, to the unique southern style of Texas, to the Wild West of Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming, America has it all. Amazing design and quality is out there for the Nomad in search of a current day Eden. Beds to die for, incredible hotel spaces and some of the best regional cuisine on the planet.

France & Provence
From a small, art hotel tucked away on a side street in Paris to an elegant restored 1500's mansion & farmhouse in the heart of Provence, France has ancient places, modern design, great art, insane food and people that come right out of a Francios Truffaunt film. Just click a side bar link to land in in the perfect endroit pour dormin!

Italy, Tuscany & Umbria
The land of Leonardo, Michelangelo and Ferrari. Italy is like no place you have ever been. From the decadence of Venice, to the ancient ruins of Rome, to the breathtaking beauty of Tuscany - Italy is for lovers of everything beautiful and sublime. You would expect a culture that gave us Opera, the Mona Lisa and the greatest food this side of Eden to be a Nomad's paradise. It is that and more. Just click and start your itinerary.

England, Wales & Scotland
The country of our forefathers. From the insane road system to the green mountains of Snowdonia, to the historic architecture of Scotland, the UK has much to offer the Nomad who wants to find their roots. Leaving the chintz and "bathroom down the hall" concept behind, this beautiful country has entered the new millennium with an abundance of well designed B&B's and small hotels by talented designers who understand the need to preserve and enhance their ancient architecture with modern flair. And yes, if you look hard, you can even find great food. So click away and find British treasures for the wanderer in need of a great bed and a great meal.

Finding The Right Place
No blog about travel, especially one dedicated to design excellence, would be worth reading without helping the very people it purports to empower with the information they must have to make informed decisions on where to lay their heads after long days on the trail. To that end, I have listed several links to some of the best sources for everything from a small, intimate cabin for two to entire cutting edge homes for a large family.

Tablet Hotels   Start here for four & five star hotels of every "style" around the globe.

I-Escape   This is one of my favorites for small, intimate places for all budgets.

Epoque Hotels   This is the place for cutting edge boutiques, mostly in Europe.

Avante Garde Hotels   Hotels  Similar to Epoque but a little more edgy.

Boutique Homes   Some of the coolest places on earth for every budget. 

AIRbnb   This is THE site if you want amazing places for pennies. Just do your homework.

Boutique Homes    Perfect site for Nomads who are obsessed with great design - all hand picked.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith    Brad & Angelina not withstanding. You can find some serious luxury her.

Jetsetter   Another luxury site that has super deals on occasion.

Hip Hotels   Nothing is too good for my people. Amazing places. Pretty pricey but worth it.

Wine Hotels Collection   Find a great hotel surrounded by the grapes of the gods  - Salud!