Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Hotel La Pérouse - A place where freedom reigns for Stylish Vagabonds with views of the Baie Des Anges

Hotel La Pérouse is luxurious and hip with everything a Wandering Vagabond needs. 

The Travel Web Site Frommer's describes this boutique hotel as follows:

"Once a prison, Hotel La Pérouse has been reconstructed into a spectacular and unique Riviera hotel. Set on a cliff, it’s built right in the gardens of the ancient Château Hill, with a secluded swimming pool almost carved out of the rock to the rear. No hotel aside from the adjoining (and slightly less expensive) Hotel Suisse affords a better view over both the old city and the Baie des Anges. Inside it resembles an old Provençal home, with low ceilings, white walls, and antique furnishings. The lovely, spacious rooms are beautifully furnished, often with Provençal fabrics. Most have balconies overlooking the bay. Guests who book directly online also receive a complimentary breakfast." - Frommer's

According to their website, after extensive renovations top to bottom, La Perouse is reopening in May 2023. So, you will enjoy great rooms, great beds, and great views. Make sure you reserve one of its sixty rooms with a balcony. We spent many romantic moments just enjoying the sun, the breeze, the view, and each other in this beautiful intimate hotel. 

As any follower of this Travel Blog knows - The Nomad Architect is always concerned about design and price. The design of this place is magnificent. The price is not cheap. However, compared to hotels in Paris and other areas of France its prices go from reasonable to ridiculous. And they always have deals. If you go in early April or late October, you'll get the lowest prices and still decent weather. So check out this luxurious hotel on the Bay of Angels. The views from this hotel are some of the best in all of Europe. And, in my opinion, it will be worth every penny!

"The French Riviera - A sunny place for shady people" - Anonymous

Yes, it's true. if you venture to the amazing country of France, visiting the Riviera is an absolute must and the Hotel La Perouse is the perfect place to watch the world at play and the ocean with the one you love.

délecter as you go


And to send you to the land of great food, great people, and great romance, take a listen to a classic in French. If you've been listening to all those French websites or an old CD to teach you how to speak the language, this little ditty will help you prepare for the perfect vagabond venture to la Côte d’Azur.

je dois aimer la Côte d’Azur - Gotta love that French Riviera!