Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No. 14 on The 2012 Christmas Countdown - Twelve Days of Christmas - WOW!

This One Is For All Those People Who Have Suffered Through All Those Rehearsals

You know who you are. I know who many of you are. I have been a part of singing groups since I started singing with the family quartet at the age of twelve. And, for better or worse, I have directed various groups over the years. What I remember the most about all those years of singing is rehearsal. Good singing takes practice, practice, practice and that is especially true of  ten singers singing acapella like today's featured group.

I am certain that today's tune by Straight No Chaser involved countless hours of rehearsals late into the night and it shows. Acapella singing requires the most ability, talent and discipline and this group has it all. So, in honor of Wednesday 12/12/12, which will not occur again for a thousand years, comes - No. 14 on The 2012 XMAS Countdown - An Absolutely Killer Version Of Twelve Days by Straight No Chaser.


Merry Christmas to Singing Nomads Everywhere

d.l. stafford

P.S. If you have way too much time on your hands, check out this little synopsis of the significance and weirdness of the number Twelve and 12/12/12.


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