Friday, December 7, 2012

No. 19 on The 2012 XMAS Countdown - Robert Earl Keen Keeps It Real

Christmas Parties - Oh The Humanity!

Today's Countdown number became an Instant Classic when it was released in 1994 and makes the cut for the third year in a row. This biting satirical tune is in honor of the first full weekend of the Christmas season. Hopefully, it will help the listener/viewer get through various parties, good and bad, between now and New Years. Or maybe not. Robert Earl Keen, a favoriter son of Texas, with a loyal cult following, long ago established himself as a songwriter of depth and humor. If he had never written anything other than The Front Porch Song with his good friend and fellow Texan Lyle Lovett, he would already be considered a Hall of Famer. Like other great Texas singer/songwriters, Robert Earl loves to write about life on "the other side" of life.
Today's tune is a witty warning about the family Christmas we all fear. Nothing like a family Christmas party with an enthusiastic crowd as backup - No. 19 on The 2012 XMAS Countdown - Merry Christmas From The Family by Robert Earl Keen.


Make Sure You Stock Up and Hide The Keys
d.l. stafford

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