Friday, August 16, 2013


We're Going Where There Aint' No Heat
That's right, while friends and family endure the insufferable heat in God's Country, we are headed to the beautiful COOL state of Oregon. Temps will be in the high 60's. Perfect for over heated Floridians like my bride (Susie) and me. And what better reason or place to celebrate forty years of the good, the better & the best - Lance & Lauren, two  Nomads who also happen to be utterly gorgeous, brilliant and witty kids. As for me, I've been good and bad - mostly bad. She, on the other hand, is the embodiment of perfection on every count. She totally gets me, everybody - and I do mean everybody - that knows her loves her, she is still hot and I still get nervous when she comes into the room! 

So we are headed to a place that bills itself as one of the most romantic enclaves in the Great Northwest. In addition, it sounds utterly zen like in every aspect of its architecture and location amongst a stand of 100 foot trees and numerous outdoor sculptures. It's also eco-friendly to the max. They claim they only had to remove two trees when building the five Craftsman cabins for Wild Springs Guest Habitat in this little patch of Oregon Woods on a bluff overlooking the Pacific. A brief description from their web site:

On five acres of old Native American grounds, WildSpring offers a naturally beautiful, parklike environment where nature is encouraged to express itself with little artifice. On a bluff overlooking the ocean, we're located among a secluded second-growth forest of 100-ft trees in a quiet residential area in the south end of Port Orford.
Can you dig it? Of course every new place is an adventure and we won't know if it lives up to its billing and the rave reviews until we get there. If I have done my job, my high expectations will be met and then some. I found this promising Nomad Architect Place To Sleep on one of the best web sites for high design and unique places for Aesthetic Vagabonds - Boutique Homes.
Since I am forbidden to carry a laptop when we travel (outstanding rule by the way), I will be tweeting random thoughts about our trip and this unique part of America. If you want to follow my urbane, witty comments, just click on the Twitter link at the top of the right column. Here is a nice video tune by   My Morning Jacket  that captures the essence, at least in my mind, of this little place in the woods we will be for a few very cool  days.

See You Soon

D.L. Stafford

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