Monday, June 1, 2015


Preflight Thoughts
Journal Entry while sitting in the World's Worst Airport waiting to board the World's Worst Airline to España:

"Dateline 5/2/15 - Atlanta Airport - On the underground tram from terminal to Delta Gate there is a relatively attractive young woman across from us leaning nonchalantly against the side rail - push up bra - very tight t-shirt - stretch pants/leggings - funky calf high boots - sucking down an iced latte with a golf ball sized wad of gum in her mouth & a water bottle cavalierly "hooked" on her arm - a small leather purse draped over her shoulder & the piece de moda - a tie died hair/head band. And I am thinking - 1) In her own head she knows she is a happening chick - You can tell this from her "worldly" condescending sneer/frown & 2) Seeing an attractive 24 year old (I'm guessing) in the bowels of Hartsfield Airport somehow makes the Atlanta Airport seem better - Well, not really! Oh & she is texting without ceasing like any good Millennial! Goodbye America - Hello La Mancha!"
Just an example from my journal to prove that I am NOT a tourist just looking for a good time, but, an observant, erudite chronicler of world culture and its many varied aspects. I am, in a word, a NOMAD, in search of meaning in life and places to sleep that make you feel good AND make you think. We have returned from an amazing trip to one of the most enchanted lands in Europe. The land of ancient religions, ancient architecture, modern design, insane art, conquistadors and enough legends and myths to keep historians blogging well into the next millennium.
I will be chronicling our sojourn to the land of Picasso and Gaudi in the coming months. There are so many things I never expected. Every time I go abroad, I return with a renewed sense that the world is truly an amazing place, if you will just take the time to look, see, listen and taste the beauty, debauchery, history and people of other places. America is my home and I love her with every fiber of my being, but, we all need to get out more!
So pull up a chair and set a spell. Spain is on the way. The Random Topics will cover all things great and small in the Land of Iberia.
D.L. Stafford
Travel Quote of The Week - Never go on trips with anyone you do not love. - Ernest Hemingway. They don't call him one of the greats for nothing!
Video Artist of The Week - Janice Joplin - After seeing this R & B Rocker in 1968, I knew I would never listen to Rock Music the same way again. And, along with dozens of other American Artists, she can be heard in every bar, café and hotel in Spain.


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