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Today, I am putting on my Rick Steve's how to get there, what to do when you get there and what to ask when you get there hat. Although, I do find Steves to be somewhat annoying and a terrible dresser, his advice on the practical do's and don'ts when Vagabonds travel is usually worth adhering to - except of course his hotel recommendations. I mean if you are going to vacay the right way, you should not stay in a place that reminds you of your grandmother's bedroom. Old, knitted quilts belong in a cedar chest, not a hotel room. However, if you want to take in some advice from an experienced traveler and writer, just click the link above for Steve's website. In the meantime, if you are planning a trip abroad in 2024, you can ponder the following list of my somewhat random thoughts on the practical things to consider when traveling anywhere. You can apply this list to any country, particularly Europe.
MONEY - It is virtually impossible to escape the rapacious greed of banks, credit cards and other money changers when traveling anywhere in the Eurozone. But here are a few tips to save some bucks.
DO NOT use a currency exchange service at an airport or train station - High Fees.

DO NOT use Travelers Checks. Nobody takes them anymore.

DO use a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees. Many do not, but you need to check to be sure.

Do use a Point Card, if you travel a lot. Our preference is the AMERICAN EXPRESS DELTA SKYMILES Card. We haven't bought a plane ticket in forever using Delta SkyMiles Points earned when we purchase anything. It's easy to become a member - just click the link in this paragraph! 

DO purchase Euros online. Usually, the charges and exchange rates are reasonable. You don't really need a lot of cash in Europe - almost everywhere you go accepts credit cards. Many countries are actually becoming completely cashless. There are several online services that will mail you Euros overnight for no charge. Just be sure and check exchange rates to get the most for your money.

DO call your bank BEFORE you leave to verify their ATM charges.

DO get as much money from an ATM as you can and save on Usage Fees.

DO call your bank when you return to demand that they remove the usurious extra fees they may charge.

If your Vagabond Spirit wants to go to a place that has amazing people, insanely great food, ancient and modern things to see and do, head and heart altering culture, and great hotels, villas and AIRBNBs for extremely low prices then Italy is the place to go. We are in the process of planning a return trip to this genuinely great ancient, yet modern country. The memories of places we went, things we saw, the food we ate and some of the most design conscience places we laid our heads after a day of sightseeing in a beautiful town, a 1,000-year-old building, a museum of ancient and modern works of art or just sitting on a romantic terrace enjoying a glass of Italian Pino Grigio with views of vineyards, mountains, lakes, rivers and seashores as far as you can see. If you'll simply enter ITALY in the Go Ahead and Ask box on any post in THE NOMAD ARCHITECT you can read some of my thoughts about our experiences in this incredible country. 

Enjoy a brief visually inspiring and narrated tour of various places to see in this magical country.

So - A piu' tardi -  godere - vai e basta - romanticamente a l'Italia!!! 
See you later - enjoy - just go -romantically to Italy!


The Creator made Italy from designs by Michelangelo.” – Mark Twain


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