Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Here we are again - the most wonderful time of the year. Even with all that is going on in our world at large, Christmas makes us focus on the things that matter - family, friends, cool stuff from people that get you. And, of course, ridiculous food with the ones we love AND the ones that annoy us. I will be sending a lot of new stuff your way this year with some classics thrown in to keep the yule fire going.

The first line of today's tune says "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me". In today's world of social media insanity, road rage at every light and just a lack of civility in general, that's quite a request of one's self and one's God. This song brings that heartfelt desire into complete focus. Performed by gifted singers Vince Gill, Amy Grant and Michael McDonald along with legendary guitarist Chet Atkins, The Tulsa Philharmonic Orchestra and the Oral Roberts University Chamber Singers, this powerful nuanced anthem let's us know peace does indeed starts within.

Remember - Count to ten before you send that email - MERRY CHRISTMAS NOMADS!


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