Friday, January 1, 2016


That's right. Now that you have spent all the money and returned half the stuff you got from Santa, it's time to get serious. Revise that Bucket List and resolve to head for the four corners. Time does indeed move faster and faster. I will be sharing with you throughout the year what, I hope, will be erudite, urbane and witty commentaries on places to sleep, eat and just be - where design and uniqueness are at the top of  your list of criteria for such places. Somebody, probably a guy that was very lost, said that half the fun is getting there. But, once you get there, you want to be sure that there is, in fact, a there there.

That's what this blog, now entering its fifth year, is all about. Cool places and cool spaces do not happen by accident folks. It's like a song by Connick or a sketch by Matisse. Great design comes from a unique combination of vision, talent and hard work. And when its done right, you get to sit back and take it all in.

So repeat after me:

Design is good.
Small is better.
Different is even better.
Unique is really outstanding.
Serendipity is fantastic.
Travel to the unknown is utterly, absolutely life changing.

It may sound random, but, if you put all those thoughts in a TRAVEL MUG and stir it up - Well,  I  get goose bumps just thinking about it. Other than my lover, best friend, wife and travel muse for forty plus years and my amazing kids, nothing and no one has changed me like travel. So, get busy, get out the map and log on - you have work to do fellow vagabonds.

May your dreams come true in a place you never thought they would.

To kick off 2016 on a personal note, check out a photograph taken by my daughter from her seat on American Airlines coming home to God's Country for Christmas, with her cell phone no less! She's a born vagabond just like her old man.

Happy 2016 Travels To All Nomads, Vagabonds and Dreamers


New Year - New Header - No Charge

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