Friday, August 26, 2016


OK - If you are a budget conscious vagabond and long to travel to faraway lands in Europe AND you want to throw in a side trip to Iceland for a few days, but you can't bring yourself to pull that trigger because the flights to Paris or Barcelona or Milan or anywhere else across the pond are just too steep, then The Nomad Architect has something you need to see. I mean this deal is shamadelicious, bona fide crazy and simply unbelievable. But I have checked it out and it is the real deal. If you are willing to be flexible, you can have a great trip with a side adventure in one of the most enchanting places in the northern hemisphere. Read on fellow vagabonds. This deal can scratch your wanderlust itch for a song.

WOW and Then Some!!!!!
We will start this little adventure with one simple word - WOW. That's right, WOW Airlines, based in Iceland, is the highly rated newest member of the low cost airline market and they have recently started flights from select US airports (Boston, New York, DC, etc.) to numerous European destinations (Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, etc.). Much like Ryan Air of the UK, they do charge for everything, but, if you're smart, you can get to Paris and back for under $450, including one carry on and one checked bag or $350 with only one carry on. And even if you have to get to one of the airports  WOW flies from, you can still do this on the cheap, compared to normal flights with  Delta or other major carriers. But the good news doesn't end there. As part of their low price offers, you can fly to Reykjavik, stay a few days and wander around the beautiful small country of Iceland (It only has 330,000 plus residents), then catch your flight to Paris or some other destination and then fly back to your US destination. It's almost like a two-fer.

The only catch with these ridiculous fares is the necessity to be smart AND flexible to get the lowest price or travel with one change of clothes in your single carry on and stay where washers and dryers are available. Don't laugh, I just read an article by a fearless traveler who spent a year traveling in Eurasia with one carry on bag. To assist my fellow vagabonds with this process and to help you get the lowest price, just follow this link - WOW Stopover In Iceland and additional details with this link - How Does the WOW Stopover Work?.

You Gotta Find A Place Right?

Just because I CARE and I want my readers to have the best of the best, at reasonable prices- here  are some links to cool places to stay in Iceland depending on your budget. And, of course, you can utilize these same sites for your stay in Europe.

I-Escape. I have personally used this great bundler for high design places many times. This link lists numerous places in Iceland that will give you a comfy place to lay your head and enjoy this small, eco-centric country from high to low price.

AIRBNB. I just stayed a week in yet another killer place from AIRBNB in Sonoma and for a lot less than I would have paid in a major hotel. They have 300 plus rentals in Iceland from very cheap to very expensive.

TABLET. Since you will save so much on your flights, you may want to check out TABLET HOTELS for a more expensive place to rest your weary bones after hiking the hinterland all day.

So there you have it. If you have those wanderlust blues and need a fix for less money, WOW has the plan for you to enjoy some serious away time on the cheap. And don't postpone too long - the deal may go away and it starts getting pretty cold in November in The Land of Fire & Ice.

Góða Ferð My Fellow Vagabonds,

D.L. Stafford



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