Tuesday, February 21, 2017


And With Incredible Food - Lo Mejor de España In An Idyllic Setting

Finca El Tossal is one of those places that you probably won't have on your bucket list because it is a little out of the way. However, it proves beyond any doubt the quality of sleeping  hideaways presented  by I-Escape, one of the best boutique hotel web sites around for  intimate, well designed, reasonably priced hotels. And  when you stay in this mountainside retreat with views of the mountains and the ocean in the distance you will tell every Nomad you know that it belongs on theirs.

To make it even better, a delicious breakfast is included and you can purchase dinner for a reasonable price, which I highly recommend. With extremely friendly, super competent owners and a chef that we wanted to take home with us, our stay in this small, boutique hotel in the mountains with amazing views from a well appointed room with  an immensely comfortable bed and a small balcony garnered a ten plus rating in our book. It was the perfect place to simply R & R after some pretty busy sight seeing for several days prior to arrival.

I agree with Rick Steves, who recommends a "down day" every few days, to keep your head and your heart balanced and rebuild your energy for things yet unseen. We just relaxed, swam in the pool and ate great food. We only ventured out one evening and took the thirty minute drive to the beautiful coast and found a great little seafood restaurant - Saltea Restaurante. Delicioso! For a quick view of this restful place in Southern Spain, check out the following You Tube. 
Though we didn't want to leave, the rest of  España beckoned. After three nights and days at the perfect place to just enjoy being in this amazing country, we headed out for our next adventure, Valencia. After three relaxing and restful days and nights, Finca El Tossal is on my Top Ten List Of Ridiculously Amazing Places To Sleep for All Nomads!
Remember - “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” — Martin Buber. That says it best.
This week's video blast comes from one of the truly great Texas Troubadours. The one and only Lyle Lovett, with his Large Band, performs one of his greatest , most thought provoking tunes from one of his greatest recordings - Joshua, Judges, Ruth - live - the song - CHURCH!

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