Saturday, December 2, 2017


The AVETT BROTHERS. I am a huge fan of this North Carolina band that combines rock, jazz, bluegrass, folk and honkie tonk, you name it, for a simple, unique and powerful sound. Their originality is refreshing in a world where banality and cliche rules the day in pop music. The two brothers and a  band that includes great singers, players and an insane stand-up cellist present a real, unfettered sound with spot on writing. You owe it to yourself to see this Grammy award winning band live. The energy level and quality of music is worth every penny. I have to give kudos to my kids for bringing this great band to my attention a couple of years ago. Upon first hearing them, I became an instant fan.

One very pleasant thing about The Avett Brothers is their inclusion of classic gospel songs in their repertoire. Songs such as Amazing Grace, In The Garden and other American Gospel/Spiritual Standards set them apart from other pop/rock groups. And the way they keep it all very simple adds to the power of every tune.

So - Please enjoy a simple version of a Christmas Classic - No. 24 on the 2017 CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN - AWAY IN A MANGER.

Only 24 days left, so start crossing off your list for the ones you love. Merry Christmas.


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