Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Today is January 29, 2019 - National Plan For Vacation Day. I'm running a bit late. But, its never too late to motivate my fellow vagabonds to get off that couch and get going. A brand new year. Bills to pay. Still gotta  return or exchange those Christmas gifts that didn't fit or were the wrong color or that made you wonder "what were they thinking?". It's still really cold in most places. What better time than now to plan your Travel Bucket List?

Because I am obsessed with travel and the discovery of places not yet seen, I spend ridiculous amounts of time researching hotels that are high design and affordable, as well as places I haven't seen or places I long to see again. I have been researching a place I have always wanted to see and experience since the middle of 2018. The ancient land of the Italian Heel, Puglia, goes back seven thousand years. They have hotels in caves. And, for now, it's pretty cheap. My guess is that it will become very expensive in a few years much like Croatia is today. If you are of the Money is No Object Crowd then you will probably leave the planning to an expert, travel agent or someone that knows where people go who have more money than time. However, if you want great places that don't necessarily cost what you might spend on your child's education, then stay tuned to THE NOMAD ARCHITECT for ideas and opinions on travel.

To motivate you to travel and understand better the benefits of travel, I recommend reading the following article from FODOR'S TRAVEL - One American Vacation Behavior That Simply Has To Stop . In a nutshell this read gives some startling statistics and other benefits of travel, as well as the bad things that can happen to you if you don't. So read - then plan - then go. Over the course of this new year, I will be giving you places to go and stay that won't break the bank. And I will throw in the occasional place that will take you to another level.

So, once again - HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May the wind always be at your back, may the places you go change your view of the world and may your credit limit never be reached - LOL!!! And remember - The First Thing True Vagabonds Do Is Plan.


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