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Salvador Dali, born May 1904, is one of the most innovative, provocative artist to ever paint a canvas or weld a sculpture. His name at birth was actually Salvador Dimingo Felip Jacinto Dali Domenech. To say he was a surrealist would be a preposterous understatement. His work is considered by most art critics to be the most striking art of the surrealist movement with amazing technical skill and bizarre images.

And, during our three-week trip to the beautiful and art filled country of Spain, our kids joined us for a week of laughter, great food and amazing sightseeing. While in Barcelona, we saw many architectural wonders and great art in this beautiful city.
And of course - the food. Tapas is the only way to enjoy delicioso chow in this art filled country. 

One morning, we all piled in the car and drove the roughly two hours to see the Dali Musem Theatre and the Dali House - Portilligot. With five of us in the car, we had plenty to discuss on the road. LOL!

It's virtually impossible to explain and  
show the diversity and amazing work produced by Dali. You really must be there, in person, to experience all of its vivid, often bizarre colors, angles and other surreal images and physical artworks. One of the most surreal pieces is known as the Rain Car. The vintage car of the forties is always wet inside due to the never-ending rain. Ok. Yes, it's weird, but also provocative. According to the experts, Dali was enamored of his first automobile, a 1941 Cadillac, his entire art filled life.

According to the Dali Universe, a website completely devoted to the history and display of Dali's works online, he first created the Rain Taxi in 1938. Here is a partial quote from 
Dali Universe:

"According to Robert Descharnes, Dalí’s personal secretary, General Motors of America had asked Dalí to create a new model for a car they planned on producing; it would be called Cadillac de Gala. Dalí made a sketch and sent it to the company, he heard nothing back. Much to his surprise, the following year General Motors produced a new model called the Cadillac de Gala.  Dalí, never one to be hoodwinked, demanded $10,000  compensation else he would begin a lawsuit. General Motors sent him a cheque for the same amount the very next day!

Rainy Taxi (1938), Dalí’s famous art installation first premiered at the Galerie Beaux-Arts in Paris, part of the‘ Exposition Internationale du Surréalisme,’ organized by André Breton and Paul Éluard. Two mannequins sit in a taxi which has a water system integrated, so that it appears, bizarrely, to rain inside the car.

The Cadillac that Gala used to drive, which the couple drove from coast to coast during their stay in the United States is now on display at the Museo Teatro at Figueras, it is a replica of the original Rainy Taxi installation."

So - let me encourage all Vagabonds, if you have never been to Spain, just get up and go! In Barcelona you will see one of the greatest architectural achievements of the Spanish Architect Antonio Gaudi, who managed the design and construction of Sagrada Familia from 1882 until his death in 1926. This magnificent church is still not finished. However, visiting this architectural marvel is an amazing venture for any Vagabond. It is projected to be complete in 2026. Then, after enjoying a tour of this edifice head to one of the hundreds of Tapas Restaurant/Bars for some great food. For more blog posts for other places, hotels and sights just enter SPAIN in the GO AHEAD ASK BOX on my Travel Blog thenomadarchitect.

If you can't get to Spain just now, just jump in the car and venture down to Saint Petersburg to see the largest collection of Dali Works in the world, except for his home in Spain. We lived in St. Pete for five years and visited the Dali many times. His work is now displayed in a seriously modern and fantastical museum - The Dali St. Pete. If you want to read my post on this amazing building and collection, then check out - Nomad Architect - Dal

Please accept my regalo to all my Vagabonds, Wanderers, Travelers, Lovers and Friends for this soon coming Spring to enjoy life and go somewhere.



And just to get you in the mood here is a very cool little ditty from the great Texas Troubadour Lyle Lovett and His Large Band - That's Right You're No from Texas!

‘The air soft as that of Seville in April, and so fragrant that it was delicious to breathe it.’ – Christopher Columbus

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