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With over 23 miles of hard-packed WHITE sand, great waves on the Atlantic, and one of the most unique histories of any beach in the world, Daytona Beach is the place to go for Spring Break and Summer. Driving and parking on the beach are still allowed. It was free in my day, but, if you want to get into the beach scene and feel really cool, it's worth every penny.

Daytona Beach became famous in the early 1900s for the beginning of what is now called NASCAR. If you want to see some of the early days of high-speed racing on the beach, just click on the NASCAR link above. There are still remnants of the original course at South Daytona Beach. Due to recent events, like the last two very bad hurricanes which damaged Daytona quite a bit, it will take some effort to see the old track. According to reports, there is an effort to replace the sand and refurbish the track that was disturbed by the hurricanes. The best place to start is at The North Turn Beach Bar & Grille where the original racetrack turned onto Atlantic Avenue.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must fess up. I grew up vacationing on the World's Most Famous Beach every summer from the age of six until I graduated from high school and continued going there while in college.       Every summer,
my dad would load up the car and we would head south for a couple of weeks of fun and sun. I learned to swim in the old Castaways Hotel, which is still there. Back in the day, it had a high diving board and we always had a room with an oceanfront view. So, please forgive me if I admit my love of these times with Mom, Dad, and my Older Brother. After high school, my friends and I would go spend spring break at 
Daytona. I have very fond memories of driving up and down the beach with my door slightly open. Oh so cool. LOL!! 

Of course, as they say, time marches on. For years Daytona was the place where everybody went for spring break. Then, things began to change for a variety of reasons. I have heard many stories about the problems Daytona had in the late seventies - early eighties. Over time, due to local control of the beach, and its surroundings, kids moved on. Of course, all of Florida is popular with college kids due to its more than 1,350 miles of coastline and amazing weather.

So, let's fast forward to current day. My wife and I enjoyed a four-night trip to celebrate our 49th anniversary at my most favorite beach. The sun, the sand, and the always beautiful waves bring about a complete change of attitude at a great beach. Now, unlike most of my family, I am not an all-day, sit-in-the-sun beach person. I do love the view and the air and the waves crashing on the shore. All I need is a nice glass of Pinot Noir and a comfortable chair and I am good.

We lodged in a great new, renovated hotel on South Daytona Beach, oceanfront, at the DELTA HOTEL by Marriot for around $250 per night, which, today is a deal. They are showing deals at $234 right now. We went in August so it was not very crowded and the weather was perfect. The room was perfect, the service was tops and the views were amazing.

In addition to a great hotel on the beach, Daytona has many great restaurants for a romantic meal or a quick snack for lunch.

Anna's Trattoria Italian Cuisine is the real deal. Authentic Italian food and great service make this place a must-do in Daytona Beach. Romantic setting, great food, and great wine - it doesn't get any better.

Another must-do restaurant is Stonewood Grill and Tavern on LPGA BLVD. Great steaks and outstanding service.

And for a great breakfast, brunch or lunch check out Peach Valley Cafe. Omelets to die for.

So, my fellow Vagabonds, get your reservation at The Delta, hop in the car, and enjoy a few days at The World's Most Famous Beach. 

Enjoy Life Every Day. That's what vagabonds do!

Happy Summer!

And to ensure that you can have a sweet ride getting to The World's Most Famous Beach, here's a cool song - Love, Love, Love by My Morning Jacket for the road.

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