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Last week's post covered some basic ideas for planning a trip like you've never had or just another trip to a familiar place. In any case The Nomad Architect's goal is to help all Vagabonds to go where they want to go without going broke! Today, readers can extract more relevant things To Do when planning your trip to Venice or Sonoma.

Become A Virtual Nomad

As I have said many times, the power of the internet has drastically changed the world of travel. A vast community of travelers, writers, bloggers and vendors have combined to provide a constant, unabated stream of information for travelers of every ilk. Of course, along with this intense level of travel related information, comes classic information overload. So how do we cut through the rattle and hum to get good quality information that gets us where we want to go for the prices we want to pay? With the multitude of search engines, travel blogs and web sites devoted to helping you find the right place at the right price, trip planning can be fun and rewarding in its own right for the economy minded Vagabond. Following are some of the best web sites and search engines with an ample supply of low-cost sleeping options.

  • I-Escape. I love this site. It is so easy to use and provides great details, good and bad, for each property. If you are planning to go to France, Paris is a must stay. The people, the food, the museums, etc., etc., etc. It's truly one of the most romantic cities in Europe. You can find many hotels from basic to five stars starting at $150 per night.
  • Tablet Hotels. This is one of the best hotel/B&B sites around. It lists both professional and guest reviews. It has multiple filters including location and price. One example - Check out the Marina Di Petrol O Hotel & Spa in Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, a quick hour from Palermo. At this waterfront boutique you can enjoy a beachfront room with balcony, a huge stand-up shower, an infinity pool and a world class spa. And the price? Around $114! Just one example of a cool place for a cool price.
  • h10HOTELS. Another search engine where you can land some downright outstanding hotels for great prices. It's hard to beat a deal like Raco' del Pi,  Barcelona in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in Spain for around $90 per night. It warms the cockles of any cheap Nomad's heart.
  • Boutique Homes. I include this site because of its emphasis on design. It even has a special list entitled Style for a Steal with many less expensive places to stay. It also includes a list entitled Small Hotels with well designed places for less.
  • Eurocheapo. Great site for the budget minded traveler to Europe. From Barcelona to Paris to Venice to the London you can find rooms for under $100. This search engine is also affiliated with one of the largest Search Engines for Hotels in the world - Bookiing. You can find a waterfront hotel in Seattle starting at $144 per night. In Seattle that is utterly insane!
  • Hostelworld. The old image of hostels with rows of vagabond college kids sleeping in bunk lined barracks is giving way to a kinder, gentler inexpensive alternative for the Frugal Nomad. Today's hostels offer well designed rooms with all the amenities of pricier hotels and B&B's, including en suite bathrooms, a critical non-negotiable for this Nomad. If you are looking to sleep cheap, this site is worth a look, with private rooms as low as $50 per night.
  • Airbnb. This site, started in 2007 by Rhode Island School of Design alumnus, is the leading player in the search engine world for travelers who want something different. The site has built up an impressive lineup of rooms, homes, villas, apartments and even private islands at all price levels. How about a small re-purposed 
    Hayloft on the property of Villa Migliorini just a few miles from Florence? It sleeps four and costs a ridiculous $106 per night. Or if you want urban, check out a Central Penthouse Studio owned by an architect that sleeps up to four in downtown Valencia, Spain at $100 per night. That leaves a lot of euros to spend on tapas and sherry. I can attest, after staying in many AIRBNB's, to the quality and pleasure of staying in places with helpful owners who will show you all the places to eat and see.

Next week - Part 3 of Dreaming, thinking and planning that trip of a lifetime. Travel always takes you somewhere, old or new, that will change your head and your heart.

Dream Dream Dream and Go Go Go My Fellow Vagabonds!


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