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Today's post will continue to explore the work of master architect Frank Lloyd Wright - his masterful creation of a house built in 1936 that showed the world the power and grace of brilliant design for a weekend pleasure house built over a waterfall. Click the following heading to see the details and history of this amazing house.


This incredible home should be 
on every Vagabond's Bucket List. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built from 1936 - 1938, it is listed in Smithsonian's "Life List of 28 Places to See Before you Die". It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1976. In 1991, the American Institute of Architects named Fallingwater the "best all-time work of American Architecture". When we visited this amazing "weekend house", we were mesmerized by the beauty, the details, and the energy of this incredible structure. As its cantilevers spread out over the stream and waterfall below, we didn't want to leave this place of power and grace. For those who are interested in the details and history of this amazing work of design, just click on the video below.

Just fly into Pittsburgh and check into a hotel or AIRBNB. The Pittsburgh Airport is about an hour and half from Falling Water. We stayed at the Falling Rock Resort when we visited. However, like all hotels in America, its price has increased substantially. 

Other places can be found close to Fallingwater:

The Historic Summit Inn is a genuinely nice place with excellent reviews for prices starting at $170 per night. It's only twenty-four minutes from Fallingwater.

Polymath Park has four houses designed by Wright you can reserve only thirty minutes from Fallingwater. They are not cheap. Prices start at $475/night, but they are much lower than Falling Rock and they are all designated as Usonian Houses, a term used by Wright to describe the design of smaller middle-class residences.

Shipping Container In Acme Pennsylvania is a very cool AIRBNB only 30 minutes from Fallingwater. It has excellent reviews and is only $96 per night in May. As always, The Nomad Architect is looking out for fellow Vagabonds to stay in great places on the cheap.

If you're a real Vagabond just find a place to your liking that likes your pocketbook. They're everywhere!

This amazing home designed by the master is a mere twelve minutes from Falling Water. A descriptive quote from the website for this amazing house:

"Both dramatic and serene, Kentuck Knob is situated just below the crest of a great hill and appears part of the landscape itself. An organic floor plan, cantilevered overhangs, and imaginative expanses of glass effortlessly integrate the interior of the house with its stunning surroundings. On a tour of Kentuck Knob, visitors will learn about the Hagan family, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the architect's vision for the house. Our experienced staff of tour guides share stories, historical information, and offer unique insights into this wonderful house". In addition to the house, designed and built 1953-1956, there are a number of sculptures placed in a sculpture meadow on the eighty-acre site around the house. It's a must see for all Vagabonds.

Seeing great architecture as designed by America's greatest architect was an absolute pleasure. The landscapes of Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands are perfect for some of the greatest design ever created. I hope all Vagabonds will go and see these amazing works of architectural art.


For this week's video, enjoy this interesting song by Simon & Garfunkel. The video shows many examples of work accomplished by Wright - As someone once said - "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright can be interpreted as a tribute to a revered artist and a reflection on the lasting impact of artistic relationships. It underscores the power of creative connections to shape our lives and leave a lasting impression even after those connections have faded."

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