Saturday, December 15, 2012

No. 11 on The 2012 XMAS Countdown - Brian Setzer Rocks The House

He's Come A Long Way Since The Stray Cats
To say that Brian Setzer has evolved since his days as the front man for the 80's Rockabilly band, The Stray Cats, would be an undertstatement. Some may remember that funky little ditty from 1981 - Stray Cat Strut. The evolution of Mr. Setzer has created a unique cross generational sound that  blends rock, big band, blistering guitar riffs and old school rock and roll vocals. In any case, for today's Countdown selections, he brings a fresh big band/rock and roll sound to old and new Christmas tunes alike.
Rockin' us with a live clip from his Annual Christmas Extravaganza is - Brian Setzer and His Orchestra Slaying Dig That Crazy Santa Claus and Boogie Woogie Santa Claus. These tunes should get you jumpin' before you go to the mall along with the other bazzillion people who have not learned to shop on line yet.
Boogie Woogie & Merry Christmas
d.l. stafford

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