Tuesday, December 4, 2012

No. 22 on The Top Twenty Five XMAS Countdown - An Old Standard Done A New Way

Nothing Like A Killer Alto & A World Class Choir To Lift Nomad XMAS Spirits Everywhere
First featured last year, today's Countdown selection is a must hear for all Nomads in need of a Yuletide lift. Alto Jaimee Paul and Christ Church Choir take today's tune to an entirely new musical level. I was fortunate to be a member of this world class choir for almost two years. Featured soloist Jaimee simply does it all and it's all good- jazz, blues, gospel - you name it. Every note has meaning and nuance.  And, highly unusual for gifted singers, Jaimee is one of the most gracious, unassuming people you will ever meet. She also has a God given gift that moves people every time she picks up a microphone. DSADLS sent you a video: "Jaimee Paul with the Christ Church Choir Chris. Her Her performance of this song with the power of The Christ Church Choir behind her renders a timeless recording of a Christmas standard. I highly recommend checking out her new CD Christmas Time Is Here. It runs the gamut of jazz, big band and acoustic with killer vocals by Ms. Paul.

With an alto voice that melts every note with one of the greatest choirs on the planet behind her comes this great 2009 recording -  No. 22 on the 2012 XMAS COUNTDOWN - DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR by JAIMEE PAUL & THE CHRIST CHURCH CHOIR.
Listen and See Christmas
d.l. stafford

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