Monday, December 3, 2012

No. 23 on The Top Twenty Five 2012 XMAS Countdown from A Different Kind of Soul Singer

If You're Gonna Cover Ray Charles You Best Be Good

Today's Countdown tune was recorded by Ray Charles in 1985. But this year I wanted to bring some artists that you may not have heard before. The first time I heard Ray Lamontagne (Full name - Raymond "Ray" Charles Jack LaMontagne) sing You Are The Best Thing I knew he was the real deal. This relatively private artist states that "he sings through his gut not through his nose". Great soul singers, in the true sense of the word, have a painful, road weary quality in their voice that cannot be taught and is pure magic when you hear it. With a sweltering rasp and soulful tone in every note, Lamontagne gives us his version of a great Christmas song that would surely make the other Ray proud.
From one of the most unique indie voices around - No. 23 on The 2012 XMAS Countdown, Ray Lamontagne - That Spirit of Christmas accompanied by The United States Navy Band and The Eighteenth Street Singers.
It's Monday - Call Somebody and Tell Them Merry Christmas
d.l. stafford

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