Saturday, December 22, 2012

No. 4 X 2 on The 2012 XMAS Countdown - It's A Random Kinda Saturday

Jars of Clay and  Los Lonely Boys - How's That For Random?
One of the challenges in doing this little Top 25 thing is finding new music. Political commentator/funny man Greg Gutfeld said the other day that we really need some new Christmas songs. And I completely agree. In my search for new and exciting music for the Christmas music lover out there, I have spent countless hours scouring You Tube and other sources, with many suggestions from friends and family far and wide, to come up with some new Christmas stuff. Or, at the very least, an arrangement of a familiar tune that makes it completely new.
I saw the Christian rock band Jars of Clay long before they became the multi platinum crossover band with hits like Flood and Liquid. With unique lead vocals, great instrumentation and a rock sensibility, this Grammy winning band is always moving forward. Today's Random Countdown Tune is a very fresh take on a Christmas poem written in 1885.

Today's Random Saturday Countdown Bonus features one of the best "family" bands around. Los Lonely Boys, comprised of three brothers, combine excellent guitars, flawless duet vocals and a unique sound they call Texican Rock and Roll that just makes you feel good. With their No. 1, Grammy award winning hit Heaven, this group of brothers established themselves as a band with a point. And today's Countdown tune is no different.

 Have A Nice Saturday Before Christmas Day
d.l. stafford

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