Monday, December 17, 2012

No. 9 on The 2012 Top 25 XMAS Countdown - Colbie Caillat Says You Can Have Your Beach & XMAS Too

A California Girl and Christmas - Works For Me
As someone who grew up in the sixties, I generally do not enjoy Gen Y pop music. But today's Countdown tune made  the Top 25 cut because A) It's new and catchy B) Finding new and catchy Christmas tunes is not easy and C) The video improved my mood on what, so far, is a very gloomy day in God's Country - Part Deux. Colbie Caillat released her first record in 2007. Five years is a nano-second in the world of popular music. Based on her work thus far and her critical success, let's hope she is around for a while.
So for those Nomads that may be suffering from the Blue Monday Syndrome, looking out at a grey sky or just missing summer, maybe today's Countdown tune about Christmas at the beach by a real California Girl will lighten your load-
Only Nine Days Left - Are You Having Fun Yet?
d.l. stafford
P.S. For those who are mall weary and need a boost to get you through the rest of the day, here's a little bonus number by modern day descendants of The Andrews Sisters - Bonus Track No. 4 on The 2012 XMAS Countdown - Step In To Christmas by The Puppini Sisters. The still images in the video will take you back a few decades.

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