Saturday, January 5, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR - So What's A Nomad Architect To Do In 2013?

10,000 Clickers Can't Be Wrong - Right?

As we say goodbye to 2012 and HELLO to what will surely be a better 2013, The Nomad Architect achieved a milestone of sorts. I know in the blogosphere, things like page views, followers, twitter feeds, facebook likes, RSS feeds, etc., etc. etc. can make your head hurt, especially if you are somewhat technically challenged like I am. However, because of a little bit of hard work, some great advice from friends and family and an unwillingness to cease and desist, The Nomad Architect surpassed 10,000 page views,clicks or visits to the site right before the last day of 2012.

In the grand scheme of the internet and its millions of web sites, blogs and other online vehicles  adding noise to the ether, 10,000 page views is not a big deal. But, as they say, one man's morsel is another man's main course. Plus, all the experts say  that success in the blogging world takes infinite patience and persistence. Since I am genetically incapable of patience, I have decided to go with persistence. Rome was not built in a day after all. So, I just want to say thanks to the readers that have visited the site and those who have either commented or emailed me with encouragement. I hope you will continue. This thing really has turned into an obsessive labor of love of writing about something that I feel very passionate about. So again - thank you!

As we say goodbye to a rather tumultuous 2012,  we must set sail for brave new worlds in places far and near. My guess is that it won't take too long to lament any number of things that don't change with the simple flip of a calendar. I have decided, as a citizen and restless vagabond, that I am going to try and hold up my end in helping my fellow nomads make 2013 a better year and a better world. If you look at travel as merely "vacation" time then you may miss the point. No - travel is about change. Changing your mind, changing yourself and changing your world. The more I travel near and far and the more I read about the travel experiences of others, the more convinced I am that travel is one of the last remaining activities that brings us closer to the things that give our lives meaning.

As an architect who cares about the character of where you sleep, eat and experience life in other places, I am also convinced that finding those exceptional places is a quest that is worth the effort. Let's face it. We live in a world that is growing more mediocre by the day. Everything is becoming more difficult, more expensive and less fulfilling.

But - It's All About Getting More for Less
The great modernist German architect Mies van der Rowe, of the famous Bauhaus, adopted the little used phrase Less Is More to inform a minimalist design philosophy which celebrated the essence of a thing, without the encumbrances of superfluous decoration. However, that now ubiquitous expression has taken on a completely different meaning. It has come to mean, in the vernacular sense, quite literally that less IS more. Less quality, less service, less beauty, less peace of mind for more of everything of value - money, time, stress, brain cells, etc. etc. etc..

The overriding goal of The Nomad Architect in 2013 will be to find and write about those places far from the madding crowd where Lesss Is More adheres  to its original meaning, in the artistic sense. Through unrelenting research for the new thing and sharing of travel experiences past, I will try to make travel  easier, better, happier, more fun and, yes, less expensive for the Nomad who is looking for that little boutique, that corner table or that mountain top that makes travel a memorable experience.

The Travel Blog for Aesthetic Vagabonds Everywhere

That's our new tag line. From day one, this blog has been about design, architectural uniqueness and details as they relate to places to sleep, eat, drink and be merry. It's not about large hotels, Disney World, theme parks, travel tours or cruises. It's about intimate, small boutiques, cafes and landscapes that are less crowded and more fulfilling. I will make every effort to bring you news about places that do not appear in the latest editions of travel books.  As you may notice, we have also changed the blog's header and photograph. With a small, barely traveled road winding its way through a dreamlike coastal landscape, it embodies our vision and unrelenting passion for the next best place to drop anchor.

The idea that design is central to the embellishment of life is not new. From the great cathedrals of the middle ages to the cutting edge houses of today's most celebrated architects, the quality of the spaces and places in which we live our lives impacts our lives on so many levels. Much like a Beethoven Symphony or Dave Brubeck's Take Five, great design, like great music, enhances every facet of life. And that enhancement certainly applies to travel. If you believe that enjoying a late afternoon glass of Chianti, overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany  from the terrace of a 1,000 year old re-purposed castle/hotel, viewing vineyards from a 700 year old house owned by descendants of the original owner, or watching the sun set on Puget Sound from the deck of an award winning glass and wood house, then you know of what I speak. Whether your thing is a small courtyard in the heart of Venice or a funky restored motel in the California desert, I am committed to finding places that will allow you to scratch your particular vagabond itch.

As I wrote in the first sentence of the first post of The Nomad Architect - STOP THE WORLD I DO NOT WANT TO GET OFF! To all Nomads everywhere - May your roads be less traveled, may your wine be well aged and may your bed be to die for!

Happy 2013,

Travel Quote of The Week - “Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”~ Miriam Beard

Video Artist of The Week - The Lumineers are a new, innovative fold rock band with an interesting blend of great musicianship, strong lyrics and country/folk vocals. Their first big tune, Ho Hey, should be on everyone's travel mix list.

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