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To celebrate the new year and help followers of The Nomad Architect travel smarter, better and cheaper, I have decided to institute a new feature for inquiring travelers who may need a little boost to get up and go. I am calling it the RANDOM VAGABOND ALERT. It may be about a deal for a really cool place, an idea for improving your travel experience that popped in my head, or just a quick observation about a place, a hotel, a restaurant or some other item or point of travel interest.

So without further delay or pontificating, today's RANDOM VAGABOND ALERT NO.1 is a great deal I found on Living Social. Just click this link - The Inn at Middleton Place. Generally, I don't find particularly interesting places on Living Social or Groupon, but, I highly recommend checking this one out. The deal gives you a great price ($310) for two nights in a river front room, a decent "healthy start" breakfast, a little wine and cheese in the afternoon, free bike rentals and admission to the oldest established landscaped gardens in the US on The Middleton Plantation. Plus, you are only a fifteen minute drive from gastronomic pleasures galore in one of the truly great cities of the South, Charleston. If you want to read about our visit to The Middleton and Charleston back in September of 2012, just check out my post from August 12, 2012 - Modern Meets Southern Vernacular at The Inn at Middleton Place. You won't find a better place for some serious R&R with your significant other that combines cutting edge design with the unspoiled beauty of nature quite like this one of a kind boutique in one of the truly unique environments in the country.

The only downsides are 1) You will need a car 2) The promotion expires March 14, 2013 and 3)You eventually have to leave. And one final thing - make sure you have at least one evening meal at The Middleton Place Restaurant on the grounds of the plantation. As usual, with any online deal, make sure you read the fine print.

Whatever You Do Just Go,

D.L. Stafford

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