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I Think That I Shall Never See A Poem Lovely As A Tree
Poet Joyce Kilmer forever etched in our mind's eye the cosmic connection we humans have to trees. And Frank LLoyd Wright once said he always felt friendly to a tree when he saw one. But, as far as I know, neither Kilmer nor Wright ever actually lived "in" a tree. I actually slept many nights in various tree houses I built as a kid. Thank goodness for an understanding mother and an encouraging father, a former carpenter,  who allowed me to pursue my passion for all things built at such a young age. Well, if you're willing to take a plane, a train and probably at least one automobile, you can actually live in a tree, even if for a short time.
There are many places that proclaim "Treehouses" for rent, but, not many do it with quite the style and sense of eco-travel the way the two places I recently found doing some research for a future post on unusual places to lay your pretty heads. This blog is all about seamless connections between design and comfort and the zen of travel, if you will. So, next time you and yours are sitting around deciding where to go next, these two sets of Nomad Digs are worth checking out.

Free Spirit Spheres - According to their website, Free Spirit Spheres are  "set among the tall trees of the west coast rain forest of Vancouver Island, Canada" With names like Eve, Eryn and Melody you can probably expect some fairly friendly hosts. The elegance and simplicity of these cool little engineering marvels suspended among massive trees in the Pacific Northwest will make the Ritz Carlton feel completely passe'. Travel is all about memories. And, based on the many articles and reviews I have read about this little place in the woods up in western Canada, you will come away from this boutique in the trees with something to tell the folks back home. One recent guest said this of Free Spirit Spheres  - "If you're looking for a unique experience...and never got to live out your childhood tree house fantasy, this is the place for you". If that's  not a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.
Treehotel - If you happen to be planning a trip to Sweden any time soon, then the Treehotel is a must. "Unique hotel" does not really begin to capture the essence of this one of a kind spot for Vagabonds who have had enough of terra firma.
This exquisitely designed floating  hotel of five rooms  exceeds all the criteria the Nomad Architect lists for great places to sleep.  Designed by various leading Scandinavian architects, each of the current tree rooms is different. From the Mirrorcube to The Bird's Nest, these cool little beds in the sky push the design envelope. Dare I say - it's very European. And, as you would expect, they are very eco-friendly  and sustainably designed. As one reviewer wrote - “Many hotels around the world offer guests the chance to get closer to nature, but only this one, in the forests of Swedish Lapland, lets them disappear within it".
So next time you want to experience the new and the fresh - go where no Nomad has gone before, reserve one of these cool spots for your R&R and experience sleeping among the trees as God, or at least some very innovative designers, intended.
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  1. I will be at one of these places soon.

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