Tuesday, October 14, 2014


NO! The Nomad Architect is not dead or even near death. I loathe referring to myself in the third person, but - hey - it's the times we live in. I mean how many times a day do we here some hip hop guy or some super star athlete  or semi-talented starlet or even a common 15 minutes of fame seeker refer to themselves in the third person? I mean its sooooooo tedious. But, not to worry - because - At the end of the day (an utterly worn out cliché), it's really about showing up isn't it? Well, I was gone and now I am back. As of today, I promise to deliver SOMETHING urbane and , if not witty, at least winkingly humorous, every week. And I promise to NEVER, EVER refer to myself in the third person again, unless it is done as a literary slight of hand to make a valid point.
OK - I can here all of you saying - But you have not posted anything since May 4, 2014. In most
circles, that would place me in the same category as one of the no name starlets referenced above (i.e. - a clueless slacker of the first order). After all, I know for a fact that many of my countless fans wait with great anticipation to learn of the many exciting and earnest attempts by myself to alert them to the best places to lay their weary heads near and far. But wait - I say I am not a slacker, for even though I have seen the future and it is laden with wonderment, scintillating observations and answers to everything you ever wanted to know about cool places but were afraid to ask, LIFE can get in the way! That's right my fellow Nomads. The mundane demands of daily living can derail our most valiant efforts to go hither and yon. So don't tell me about your problems - I got enough of my own! Events - involving real estate, moving/relocation and unwanted encounters with that most ubiquitous purveyor of bad, and expensive, news - doctors - have conspired to force me to not write about the many trails I wander down, happy and otherwise.
I am officially back from the travails of daily life that can force us away from the important things, like self actualization and having a twenty year old Bordeaux under a shade tree in an Oregon wood with  your one and only sitting right next to you. I AM HERE TO SERVE!
And serve I shall. Among other things, I will be bringing news of the good, the bad and the utterly beautiful we found on the prairies of Oklahoma, the beauty, natural and man made, of Southern Arkansas and some of the best of Texas. That is what is known as a teaser. From The Wine Trails of Georgia to the surreal environs of Venice, I hope I can encourage you to get off your duff and go!!
Happy Trails Baby!!
D.L. Stafford
BTW - Several changes have been made to the blog, if you are interested. I have cleaned up some of the support pages (about, design, sleep and eat), as well as the side bars. Also, you may notice a new header. It's the Inn at Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright. Check out our visit next week.


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