Monday, May 7, 2018


The photo at left, taken by my bride and fellow vagabond for 45 years, makes plain the fact - when it comes to the unfettered beauty of nature, there are few places to match the shear power of God's Good Earth in evidence everywhere on this most romantic island in the Greek archipelago - Santorini Island.

As we got into the taxi with Spyros to take us to our AIRBNB, the travails of the last two days discussed in my last post began to fade. When we arrived at The Morfes Luxury Residence and met our host, Ion, all thoughts of Athens faded into distant memory. I have said before that you must do your homework when making hotel or AIRBNB reservations. You have to find ALL of the reviews that are out there. I had done that obsessively on this particular place,since we were going to be there five nights. And, Ion and his amazing place did not disappoint. Overlooking the world famous Caldera of Santorini Island, this AIRBNB included an immaculate, highly detailed living, kitchen/dining, bedroom with a killer bed and icing on an already amazing cake, a large terrace with its very own tree and a large, warm hot tub with complete views of the Caldera, the primary reason people come to this beautiful piece of heaven on earth. And it was completely private, overlooking the small town of Fira only steps away from dozens of great restaurants but away from the madding crowd.

Like most AIRBNB hosts, Ion was always available when we had a need. He even left a cell phone with his number that we could call when needed. I called for a rental car which was delivered to our place when I requested. We even ran out of sugar and he had some delivered for us. Service to the utmost. In addition, Ion was very helpful in suggesting places to see, eat and enjoy. One of the advantages of AIRBNB is the personal care and service provided by the hosts. And in this area, Ion exceeded all expectations.

I will be bringing more experiences we had on Santorini, - but - as an Architect always looking for just the right place - this place is, by far, one of the most  well designed, comfortable and reasonably priced places we  have ever laid our heads. And, by the way, Ion has another great AIRBNB, Morfes House, that has two bedrooms if you want to bring the kids. Just click on AIRBNB for the best place to hole up for a few nights on one of Greece's most beautiful islands.

ta léme sýntoma (see ya soon)


And-Praying for the Rain:

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