Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Since we are heading into serious travel time, I thought my fellow Nomads might want some good advice on what, how and why to use only a Carry- On Bag when you travel afar. This is an excellent article on how to do that and avoid long check in lines and the worrisome trip to pick up your checked bag. If you have ever landed and your checked bag is nowhere to be found, like my bag on our trip to Greece, you know of what I speak. It was really not fun and very stressful. And it costs me about fifty dollars in cab fares to go pick up my bag at the Athens Airport. 

This traveler/writer used only a Carry-On for a trip that included nine countries. In any book, that's impressive. She tells you how to do it from buying the right luggage, what to carry and how to pack all your clothes and other important stuff the modern Vagabond must have.  My guess, it's probably much simpler for men. As usual, the females in our lives have more to deal with. But that's a long and complicated subject for another day. 

So just click below to read one well informed opinion on the simpler way to travel with only a Carry On Bag:

Happy Trails To You and Pack Light


And just a quick packing lesson from the one and only Mr. Bean. Enjoy.

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