Wednesday, November 27, 2019


After three beautiful days and nights in the great city of Paris, we took a high speed train with a cruising speed of 145 MPH. It was like riding on a soft cloud. I've always said, the Europeans have the food thing and the train thing figured out. And, best of all, it's cheap - $25 for a 2.5 hour trip from Paris to Avignon. After arrival, we rented a car to get around Avignon. We stayed in the beautiful small B&B, Lumani, which, unfortunately has closed. 

A Swiss architect and his wife, an accomplished artist, converted a large courtyard house into a small, intimate hotel. Our room was four star all the way. I understand they closed it in order to open another hotel in the Provencial countryside a short drive from Avignon. While I cannot give a recommendation, because we never stayed there, if they run it like they did the smaller place, I am sure it will be excellent. To check it out just click THE SUZET. Unfortunately, it's not cheap. So I would spend some time finding other places that have that amazing sense of European quality for less money. I highly recommend staying in Avignon for at least two nights. From 1306 - 1376 Avignon was the center of the Roman Catholic Papacy. This beautiful ancient city has many fascinating historic buildings and, like all places in France, you can have some of the best food you will ever eat. And, like virtually all of Provence, they have numerous small, intimate hotels at reasonable rates.


We drove the short one hour through the beautiful countryside to one of the most unique places we have ever stayed - La Bastide de Marie. The best description of this fascinating place comes from their web site:

"Nestling in the heart of a 57 acre vineyard, The Bastide de Marie is a haven of peace where life is good. This Provencial bastide comprises 15 guest rooms, each designed with a unique decor, where you will find the perfect coolness and finesse. When in the lounge areas overlooking the vineyards or in the vicinity of the gardens or pools, just go with the flow and be rewarded with simple moments of happiness."

As we drove up to the entrance of this country farmland hotel, there was a man, wearing a Fedora hat, who was the concierge. He reminded me of the famous French actor Maurice Chevalier. He greeted us in English, though he was clearly French. Two bellman appeared from nowhere to unload and take our luggage to our room. As we checked in, we were asked if we would need anything and we said we were fine. Once checked in, we found ourselves wandering around this beautiful old farmhouse that had been restored and converted to a small, intimate country bastide, complete with comfortable beds, big bathrooms and incredible views of the beautiful Provencial countryside. And the price, while not cheap, is not over the top.

This well designed small hotel is perfect for any vagabond that wants to just enjoy a few days relaxing in this artistically influenced environment, drink some great wine and enjoy fabulous food at their restaurant. Sitting on the terrace with the one you love and taking in the views and the essence of this beautiful region of France is truly exceptional. To give you a taste of what the place is like, take a look at the short video below.

So, get busy today - Put this one on your Bucket List. Every vagabond traveler should see Provence and their is no better place to to take it all in than Bastide de Marie.

Grands Voyages Dans Provence


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