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One of the interesting things about travel in Europe is the size and diversity of the countries. The United Kingdom is 40 times smaller than the United States. Italy is about the size of New Mexico. Spain is one of the largest countries in Europe - about the size of Texas. Greece is smaller than Louisiana. France is 18 times smaller than the US. And Portugal, one of the smallest countries in Europe, is about the size of Maine. So, what do all these comparisons mean? Traveling in all of these countries is easy and immensely pleasurable. You spend far less time traveling and far more time exploring all of the ancient and modern places in European countries.

Areias Do Seixo Hotel

santa cruz Portugal

Today's post is about a special place for romantics who love to relax and enjoy being with and exploring with their significant other in one of the most interesting parts of the world. If you want glitz and glamour don't go to this place. If you desire unique beauty and pleasure - sign up and go. The  Areias do Sexio is not cheap.  However, IMHO, it is worth every penny. Even though I stress Value and Excellence in this travel blog, sometimes all Vagabonds have to go above and beyond, especially for a special occasion with the one you love. We went in early May six years ago and the prices were respectable. Mid-fall, when the weather is still pleasurable,  is another good time to go for lower prices. 

So - What To Do?        

Just look out the floor-to-ceiling glass from your Love Room, your Tree Room, or your Land Room and you will see one of the most compelling ocean views ever created by nature. If you like walking in nature, put on your walking shoes and enjoy. You can rent a bike and ride through an enchanting habitat. I'm not a surfer, but, if you are so inclined, you can rent a surfboard and hang ten! You might want to reserve a spot with The Body & Mind Studio for Yoga, Pilates, Massage, and other activities for a holistic approach to physical and mental balance. They have a very cool restaurant, Noah Surf House, which serves up delicious choices of interesting cuisine. And, at the end of the day, head to the Rooftop for some flavors from the sea and a nice wine to enjoy the sunset over the Atlantic and watch the stars come out.  It's Romantic to the nth power! 

As an architect and an obsessive traveler, I look for places with great design, comfort, interesting food, and things to do. The Areias Do Seixo Hotel has everything you may desire to ensure your time there is distinctive and pleasurable. The hotel, the seashore, the natural environment and the people serving you will ensure your visit to this interesting country will be memorable.

“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell.”  Paula Bendfeldt



This week's tune was written by the great Bob Dylan in 1997 and is performed by the great Garth Brooks. It is one of the most romantic songs ever written and it has been recorded by many great artists. This arrangement by Garth, accompanying himself with only an acoustic guitar, is one of the best versions I have ever heard. I hope you enjoy it - TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE.

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