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Nothing makes you appreciate what shows up in your path as you wander down the road of life like kids and family. I must brag on my family - I have two amazing 40-something kids who make their parents proud every single day. They are both hard-working, successful people who have grown up to impress. I have the opportunity to see this quite often. However, as all Vagabonds know, travel with anyone, particularly kids, has ups and downs. The comic Jim Gaffigan captures the essence of the downside with some funny takes on traveling with his five kids.

I cannot agree with Mr. Gaffigan. It's all about attitude. There are several aspects of kids on vacation - they are usually loud, demanding, and intensely interested in a world they have yet to experience. So, you must have an attitude that enjoys loudness and kids always in motion. Watching my seven-year-old read all day fills his grandmother, known as Ya Ya, with immense pride. She is an obsessive reader with a book always close by 24-7. I read too, but, I'm not ridiculous! Then, of course, the latest addition to our family, our fifteen-month-old grandson had a blast. The beach, the laughter, and the love all around ensured that the boy completely enjoyed himself on his first trip to Ormond Beach. And yes, he was loud and involved.

For a "crew" with Grandma and Grandpa, their kids, and their kids' kids, you're going to need a nice three-bedroom for sleeping, eating, and having lots of fun on the beach. And a nice oceanfront balcony doesn't hurt. I highly recommend Ormond Beach to ensure your posse enjoys the beach, the sun, and the water. It's more exclusive, without the crazy stuff that happens on Daytona Beach to the South. My daughter-in-law, a very smart Nomad, found the perfect place - The Ormondy Condominium - with three bedrooms, three baths, and a large oceanfront balcony. She found it through VRBO . Traveling requires some creativity to get it right! The place had just been completely renovated with comfortable beds, large bathrooms/showers, and nice furniture in well-designed spaces.

In all honesty - everybody in my family LOOOVES the beach! I do not. The inactivity of lying on the beach on a hot day is just something I have never enjoyed. My primary job on this trip was the never-ending trips to  Publix about a half mile from the condo. It worked to perfection - they all went down to the beach to enjoy the nice breeze while I was always coming and going to get various groceries as needed. There was one trip with my daughter-in-law. That was a unique experience - Oat Milk and many other "special" food items to ensure her kids don't end up in the emergency room! LOL!! When I wasn't in transit, I simply enjoyed a nice glass of Pinot Gris on the balcony.

So, the clan loved every minute of our trip to Ormond Beach. Never a dull moment and minimal crying. LOL! 



There's only one group to put on the record player when you're discussing Beach Music - The Beach Boys! I concur with a great quote by the actress and musician  Zooey Deschanel - "I remember having this friend in school who said she didn't like the Beach Boys. And in that moment I knew we couldn't be friends anymore." 

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing this innovative group in the early seventies at Tully Gym at Florida State University with my girlfriend, now wife. Back then you could bring your own bottle of wine! My My - things have indeed changed! In honor of all Vagabonds who love the beach - The Beach Boys perform on The Ed Sullivan Show - 1964 - I GET AROUND!

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