Saturday, December 1, 2012

No. 25 on The Top Twenty Five 2012 XMAS Countdown from The Nomad Architect

The XMAS Countdown Is An Official Tradition
For Nomads the world over, Christmas is special. It's that time of year we enjoy and endure things we do not enjoy or endure the rest of the year. And Christmas music makes the enjoyment more enjoyable and the endurance less tedious. Three years ago I started posting my favorite top twenty five Christmas tunes starting December 1 through December 25 on Facebook. So, after three years, due to unprecedented positive feedback, the tradition continues. I have searched You Tube for countless hours, perused my own  CD collection and sought suggestions from my kids (aka Lauren, Lance & Tara-the new kid). They love Indie bands and a lot of old school as well. So this Christmas you will here some interesting stuff from Indie bands and lesser known artists as well as tunes from some of the greatest artists ever recorded. So away we go, and MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Starting as a self produced Indie band in 2002, GRACE POTTER & THE NOCTURNALS give us a new twist on Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, with a hot rocker - No. 25 on the 2012 XMAS Countdown - NAUGHTY NAUGHTY CHILDREN (BETTER START ACTIN' NICE). Make sure you play this one for the kids!
Merry Ho Ho
P.S. All tunes are best listened to with a  killer set of headphones!


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