Thursday, December 17, 2015


There is something very special about singing in a choir. From early childhood, I have no memories of not singing in a choir, a choral group, an ensemble - whatever was open to me to sing about the Christ who's birth we are celebrating. The sheer joy and power of singing with a great choir is something that shapes you and makes you see a better world. As completely imperfect as I am, singing has always been my connection to the profound and simple joys of life, spiritually and otherwise.

As my brother can attest, we never really had a choice about this singing thing. From an early age, we were both required to get up and sing. So to Chester and Juanita, from your son - Thanks. I just know you are laughing and watching when I do as you told me and just sing! And I know you are having a great Christmas.

In honor of all the great choirs and all the great choir singers, I have collected some samples from three of the greatest choirs I have ever heard. I know its the middle of the week, but, today on the countdown, we gonna have church!

Technical Note - If you  see multiple images you can either click the little circular arrow at the bottom left of the video or just right click and then click refresh in the dropdown menu to here today's countdown video. Sorry for the inconvenience.

First up. Mount Paran Church of God Sanctuary Choir in Atlanta. Their take on the classic Mary Did You Know is both nuanced and powerful. Excellence reigns in worship at this great  urban church.

And then their is the one and only Christ Church Choir of Nashville. I had the distinct pleasure of singing in this choir for almost two years. It's all about the power with this bunch. As you would expect, being located in Nashville brings the best of the best. Listen as Jaimee Paul, killer alto and jazz singer, performs a soulful Do You Hear What I Hear with this ultimate power choir behind her.

And last but not least. No choir Christmas Choir Extravaganza would be complete without The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This 360 member, all volunteer choir held its first concert July 4, 1873. MOTAB, as they are colloquially known, continues to bring excellence and power to the church and the world through its music. Listen as they perform The Hallelujah Chorus from the greatest religious musical work ever written - Handel's Messiah.

From Wikapedia - When this was first performed in England before the king, He stood during the song and remained standing until the song was over, since the practice was at that time that if the king stood, everyone stood, it is now today presented as "etiquette" to stand while this song is being played.

If you are going to be in Salt Lake, Atlanta or Nashville this Christmas - Well You Know What To Do - Merry Christmas.


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